Our Story

Miz.NK is a 3D printed and handmade jewelry brand focuses on creating collections that resonate with our clients’ appreciation of ‘3-Dimension’
Design, Innovation and Social Change.

All Miz.NK’s jewelry is uniquely designed, developed and carefully hand-crafted, to fit and outline our customers’ style.

We offer exceptional items-

  • We apply cutting-edge 3D printing and fashion technology.
  • An innovative and favorable material (Nylon) makes our jewelry light-weight, highly stable, and very comfortable to wear.
  • We hand-paint a variety our jewelry with textile colors to exclusively outline our customers’ style.

Our customers are among the earliest adopters to a new fashion era.

We are welcoming you to explore: What Is Your Dimension?
We strive to create beautiful designs to emphasize the modern woman, allowing them to express each of their own dimensions. Above all, we, at Miz. NK, believe that true beauty starts and comes from within.



Nitzan’s passion for design started at an early age of six when she fell for her grandmother’s sewing machine. Since then, she has not stopped designing and building her skills.

Nitzan founded Miz.NK in 2015. As a jewelry and fashion designer, Nitzan has extensive experience and knowledge in designing and processing softwares and 3D printing technology, as well as handi-craft work.



Nitzan was recognized and awarded prizes for her unique- innovative 3D designs. Among others, Nitzan joined the SolidWorks for Entrepreneurship Program (Solidworks is a global leading Technology corporation, based in Boston, MA USA; 2015). Nitzan participated and presented her work in panels and events in the USA, Europe, etc.​

WONDER JEWEL-Social Jewelry

Miz.NK is also working on developing a smart personalized jewelry line. The WONDER JEWEL aiming to help people In case of emergency. In real-time WONDER JEWEL will trigger an alert to nearby members of the community who could assist and alert the authorities.


Nitzan graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design with a BA degree in jewelry and fashion design, as well as crafting and traditional design of jewelry studies at Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School in Florence. Nitzan also studied photography and the majority of Miz.NK website photos were taken by Nitzan.