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"Israeli Fashion Designer Creates 3D-Printed Clothing, Jewelry That Helps Protect Women From Danger"

B  |  March 19, 2018
" ...Nitzan Kish, has been using 3D tech to create uniquely shaped clothing and jewelry with a special purpose in mind – self-defense, specifically in urban environments. Her collection, Me, Myself & I, first released in 2015, features garments that turn into spikes and look like modern body armor..."

"SOLIDWORKS Fashion Designed and Printed to Protect"

By Marie Planchard  |    
"When Nitzan Kish was learning to sew from her grandmother, she learned far more than the skills behind sewing straight lines and making flowers from cloth. Nitzan’s grandmother was a Holocaust survivor and in fact taught her granddaughter that she survived thanks to sewing. She taught Nitzan to sew and to cut patterns from Burda, but most of all she believed in her granddaughter and gave her the freedom to be who she is today..."

"Your Jewelry Is Your Defense, Ladies"

By Nurit Greenger   Oct 27, 2015  
"In a world that is becoming unsafe, being able to defend yourself is a must.
Her name is Nitzan Kish, 29, a recent graduate of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, now a designer of artistic defense and survival 3-D print jewelry..." 

"Artist Nitzan Kish 3D prints modular self-defense outfits with integrated weaponry for women"

By Alec   Aug 28, 2015  
"Over the past year or two, the idea of 3D printed fashion has been exploding all over runways everywhere, but are 3D printed fashionable outfits and accessories really what the modern woman needs? Wouldn’t they be better off with an extra layer of 3D printed protection in today’s hostile and dangerous urban environments?
That is, in a nutshell, what Nitzan Kish was thinking about while working on the 3D printing ‘Me, Myself & I’ project, which resulted in a gorgeous, yet slightly intimidating modular set of self-defense wearables for the modern women..."