Our warranty includes repairs caused by reasonable use of our jewelry and not by intentional damage or deliberate damage.

We reserve the right to cancel the request or order in cases where we feel there is danger or harm to the intellectual property rights of the Miz.nk company or product.

Miz.NK prides herself on the quality of designs and materials employed on all items in her shop. Our jewelry is highly stable and the intent is for goods to last a long time, including a selection of products made to be worn or used comfortably every day alongside special statement pieces worn less frequently, hopefully to be loved.

Miz.NK also encourages customers to take care of their goods and treasure them. Products that get heavy everyday use will require more frequent maintenance and may need a clean every few weeks now and / or minor surface repairs/adjustments.

A degree of care and understanding of the limitations of the materials used and its construction is important. It is recommended to avoid wearing the jewelry while sleeping, bathing and practicing sports. Avoid contact with perfumes, hair sprays and other beauty products.

Keep Miz.NK jewelry away from heat sources, cleaning detergents products and chemicals.

All of our designs are suitable for adults and children over the age of 12

We do our very best to provide you with a top-quality service, but we cannot be held responsible for things that are not within our control.